Save your business thousands of dollars using the Mask Dongle Mobile Application.

The Mask Dongle Business Directory is designed to help businesses that do not have the time, resources or budget to develop an in-house COVID-19 screening tool.

Joining the COVID-19 Safe Business Directory’s provides your business with instant access to Mask Dongle screening tools and resources. Employees and visitors can download the application for free to quickly obtain and display a COVID-19 Health Certification at each visit.

Register Your Business Today for instant access to COVID-19 Screening Protocols

  • Your Business will be listed in the Mask Dongle Application
  • People visiting your business will complete Covid-19 Health Questionnaire
  • Visitors show their Health Certification for Rapid Entry into your establishment

How it Works

  1. Sign-up for the Covid-19 Business Directory
  2. Instruct Employees/Visitors to download the Free Mask Dongle Mobile application.
  3. Visitors show their COVID-19 Health Certification when Entering your Business.
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