Mask Dongle: The COVID-19 mobile application to reopen safely.

Mask Dongle helps small businesses conduct mandatory daily health screenings for employees and visitors.

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Resume business operations with Mask Dongle

The Mask Dongle mobile application is an efficient way to welcome patrons back and ensure proper COVID-19 safety protocols are in place.

  • Health Screening Questionnaires
  • Certified Symptom and temperature checks
  • Location Based COVID-19 Alerts
  • Mask Dongle Virtual Screening Stations
  • Trained COVID-19 personnel on Call
  • Coordination with national, state, and local regulations
  • Mask Dongle Technical Support

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Mask Dongle is for everyone, optimize your life for work, school, play and other social gatherings.

Built for iPhones and Androids, you can find the Mask Dongle Application in the iOS app store and Google Play.

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